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This Month’s Issue

Featuring: Don Peppers

Our Job Is Securing Your Job

At The Business Engine, we strive to establish a personal connection with employers and job seekers to ensure that the hiring process is easy and successful. The job market is extremely competitive, with a lot of false information being provided, and it helps to have an insider’s perspective and experience when navigating it. All of the information on our site is well-researched and current. We pride ourselves on providing you with the pertinent information and background support needed to make an informed decision.

The Business Engine represents all industries, and our services are dependable and affordable. Let us help you make the necessary connections to ensure your success.

Most job employment companies like to make a great first impression – we strive to make a lasting impression.


Looking For a Job?

The Business Engine is ready to assist you in receiving the job that meets your expectations. We are prepared to guide you through every step of the way. Our business includes career guidance, a professional resume department with over a decade experience and countless job placement opportunities. All these steps are taken with one goal in mind, to get YOU on the career path you deserve!

Looking to hire?

Whether you are currently seeking to hire additional employees, or have been in that position in the past, you are surely aware of the time, money, and frustration inherent in the hiring process. Let us help! We will list your job opportunity on our site and others, and then personally screen and recommend candidates to you that exactly match your job profile.



 What Others Are Saying …

After searching for a job through various placement agencies and job web sites, I was fortunate to discover The Business Engine. TBE offered me individual attention while working with integrity to allow me access to real and current opportunities. Everything from resume service to my dream opportunity and everything in between. TBE provided me with effective results!

The Business Engine will change the job market by offering just what employers and job seekers need to advance in this tough economy. Anyone looking for NJ jobs or NYC jobs needs to come to TBE. 

 ” TBE’s job resume service far surpasses anything I have seen. Your future starts here”